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Introduction and History

The range of Emi-coat™ high emissivity coatings have been manufactured since the early 1990’s. Originally developed for customers in the heater industries looking for non-volatile, odourless coatings for use on infrared ceramic fibre board lined heaters. Once trialled every heater manufacturer switched to the use of the Emi-coat™ range of products including Solar Products, Casso Solar, Chromalox, DS Fibretech, BBC and Intek. Now used extensively on gas and oil fired units the Emi-coat™ range of coatings are market leaders of energy conservation.

Large OEM manufacturers have been able to show minimum gas savings of 5% by utilising the System F and System M range of Emi-coat™. Whilst system F has been used on the board linings system M has been used on the combustion tube and plenum assembly of the burner. Used primarily in the domestic markets for over 10years Emi-coat™ has over recent years been used to great success in the industrial markets for applications such as, large industrial heaters, furnaces, automotive exhausts, ovens, hot gas ducts, high temperature ceramic resistors, stadium and car lighting.

Emi-coat™ has the ability to dramatically transform the substrate to absorb and reradiate energy improving thermal efficiency and performance of the kiln or furnace. Tests have proven dependant on the application excellent saving for the end user with quick payback periods.

Emi-coat™ systems are completely inorganic so there are no organic constituents that might decompose over time. Their base material inertness gives them excellent thermal stability during normal operating conditions, along with excellent adhesion to their substrates and mild resistance to acid or alkali attack.

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